Turnabout is a turn-based fighting game. Each player begins with 10 Hit Points, and players take turns attacking and defending until time runs out, or until one player knocks out another.

In a match, there are 4 phases:
  1. Player 1 Attacks
  2. Player 2 Defends
  3. Player 2 Attacks
  4. Player 1 Defends

Attack Phase
In the Attack Phase, a player must prepare an Attack Combo and send it to another player. An Attack Combo is a string of Attacks with a length of at least 2 and at most 4.

There are 4 kinds of attacks that an attacking player may send:

High Attacks have a stock of 1, recharge in 2 turns, and do 3 damage. Low Attacks have a stock of 2, recharge in 1 turn, and do 1 damage.

Attacking Left and Right comes into play when the other player must defend.

Defend Phase
In the Defend Phase, a player must defend against an Attack Combo. The number of High Attacks and Low Attacks are displayed on the defending playern’s screen, as well as the total number of attacks.

There are 4 kinds of defense choices that a defending player may use:

Low Guard prevents Low Attacks from doing any damage, but is open to High Attacks
High Guard reduces High Attack damage (1 instead of 3), but is open to Low Attacks
Dodging avoids attacks from the matching direction. For example, Dodge Left will avoid damage from both Low Left and High Left.

However, if a player successfully Dodges a High Attack, they will automatically Counter Attack with 3 damage and interrupt the attacking player’s combo. (All attacks after a countered High Attack will be thrown out).

End Game
The game ends when a player’s Hit Points reaches 0.